Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92

About: BLDG 92 celebrates the Brooklyn Navy Yard's past, present and future and promotes the role the Yard plays as an engine for sustainable urban industrial growth and job creation.

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday: 12pm to 6pm. Visit our website for our holiday schedule, directions, information about events and our free weekend shuttle service.
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 Building 128 is a massive warehouse inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard built in 1899 and was a steel structure. Now being re-constructed for use as a New Lab, Macro Sea is transforming this 84,000 square feet of space into a high tech design and prototyping center. This facility was once used to fabricate engines and sections of naval vessels, will now be the a center that incubates and encourages a renaissance of new manufacturing here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


1. The New 128 will achieve LEED silver certification.

2. Marco  Sea will lease 50,000 sq ft of the space.

3. Macro Sea mission is to create value in underutilized spaces.

Visit our Home page to check out upcoming events/tours of the yard.




It Wouldn’t be the Yard without minor construction 



The paymaster building is a humble two-story structure here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Also known as BLDG 121, it was built in 1899 to serve as a bank for military and civilian personnel at the yard.


1. The Kings County Distillery is New York City ‘s oldest operating whiskey distillery,in the newly renovated paymaster building.

2. The distillery is open for tours  and tastings Saturdays from 2:30-5:30

3. The handmade moonshine is made out of this 113- year old building.

Now look at the new additions, ( Lumi-Solair Street Lamps)!

The Naval Hospital is located on the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It was built in 1838 and considered a New York City Landmark. Although  the hospital  has been protected, it has  been unused for decades.


1. The Naval Hospital was designed by Martin Thompson, well known for his greek revival style.

2. The Hospital was closed with a ceremony on June 30, 1948.

3. You can see this fascinating building sit frozen in time, accessible to the public only through our guided tours.

Sat-Sundays 2:30-4:30 Come get your tickets here at BLDG 92


Come Check it out!

Under Construction.

The story behind our very own BLDG92can  be told in pictures. This week I focused on the beauty and historic evolution that changed this old 1857 Thomas Ustick Walter design into the modern Green Facility that it is today. Three things to know about BLDG92:

1. BLDG 92 is a LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum certified facility brimming with innovative solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges. It’s as Green as it gets.

2. Approximately 85% of the original building has been preserved.

3. BLDG 92 use to house Marines, now it houses our museum!





Look at us now!



  Here at BLDG 92 we will be introducing Flashback Friday’s as a platform to highlight the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s rich history. This 300- acre industrial park was once the nation’s premier naval shipyard. One iconic ship that was built here at the yard was the USS Arizona.

3 facts about the USS Arizona

1. The Arizona was built to take part in WWI, but never saw any action because it ran out of fuel.

2.  The Arizona was attacked in the Pearl harbor, which launched the United States  into WWII.

3. It took $16,000,000 to build the massive Arizona, and was launched june 19,1915 and decommissioned December 29,1941.

We have pieces of wreckage of the Arizona in our very own exhibition, Brooklyn Navy Yard Past,Present and Future. Come check it out! And remember a picture is worth a thousand words.


Hey Come check out ” Today’s Yard Gallery” and play with your feet, tons of video’s, and the cool products that are made right here and the Brooklyn Navy Yard!

As the year comes to a close, we are reflecting on the beauty of the Yard through the seasons. This year—for the first time ever—we partnered with Turnstile Tours to offer seasonal photography tours. All tour participants were invited to participate in a photography contest, judged on Instagram by Yard-based visual artists and photographers. The 12 finalists can be seen below and in a small exhibit right here in our atrium. The winner of the “People’s Choice” award is up to you! Vote now!

Click here to learn more about our Winter Photography Tour, coming up January 18. 

 Hello everyone this is Daniel again, Interactive Resource Guide atBLDG 92.On Saturday, December 7, we held our 2nd Annual Gingerbread Shipbuilding Workshop. What a great way to kick off the holiday season building a ship made out of gingerbread and other tasty treats!

 The USS Ohio was the first ship built here at the yard. Le Petit Bakery did an awesome job creating this iconic ship entirely out of gingerbread, which we used to decorate and commission during our workshop. The USS Gingerbread Ohio will be held in our lobby here at BLDG 92 through the end of the year. So come check it out. Thanks again to the families that brought the kids out this past weekend, our BLDG 92 staff truly appreciates it.

Season”s Greetings From BLDG 92 !

Hi my name is Daniel Alexis and I’m currently working as an Interactive Resource Guide (IRG) at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92. BLDG 92 is a unique exhibition and visitor’s center that celebrates the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Past, Present & Future through exhibits, tours and public and educational programs

BLDG 92 is ONLY publically accessible building of the Brooklyn Navy Yard  which is today a thriving industrial park that is on the cutting edge of green technology and new innovations. One of my favorite things about working here is witnessing all the cool industries on the Yard today. Brooklyn Grange is a 65,000 square foot rooftop farm in the Yard next door to BLDG 92. The Grange provides high quality produce and honey for local markets and restaurants in the Brooklyn area. Ted and Honey,our resident café here at BLDG 92, sources fruits and vegetables from the farm.

Over the summer and fall, Brooklyn Grange has been offering a farm stand in the forecourt of our very own BLDG 92  Its been fun to see and taste the seasonal produce. So far my favorite has to be the ground cherry—which is not a cherry at all. Our staff has different opinions on what they taste like—I have heard “nuts” and “caramel” and “fruit loops”.I just think they are super delicious and irresistible. Come check them out while you can! The farm stand is open to the public every Wednesday 12-6pm through the end of October. Pick up a bag of greens and then learn about our green building from me!

Check out some of my farm stand pics this week and next





Happy Hump Day!

My name is Jamera and I am interning for BLDG 92. Unfortunately, this post will be my last, as it is my last week of work at the Navy Yard. I’m excited for today, not only because it is the middle of the week, but because of the Farmstand! The Farmstand is a farmers market that takes place in the forecourt of BLDG 92  and is held by neighboring tenant, Brooklyn Grange. Brooklyn Grange is a rooftop farm, which is located in Building 3. At the Farmstand, people will find special items such as jarred goods or flowers in addition to the fresh produce such as radishes and spinach. One of the things I enjoy about the farmer’s market is that it brings people from inside the Yard and the surrounding community together. That community engagement is what BLDG 92 is all about! The Farmstand is open every Wednesday from 12pm -5pm. (Intersection of Flushing and Carlton Avenues).

I hope to see you there!

Below are images of the rooftop farm and the farmers market:

Below are the numerous creations designed by talented children on what will soon become their skateboards. Construction kids is an after school and day camp facility that also offers services to host birthday parties. Their niche is honing children’s creative and problem-solving skills through building. As a student myself, I think it’s great for children to be taught hands-on work in this day and age when everyone is accustomed to digital technology. To learn more about Construction Kids you can visit their website and visit BLDG 92’s website to learn more about our student and family programs.

Happy Monday, everyone! 

This coming Saturday, BLDG 92 is hosting its seasonal photography tour. Everyone is always so intrigued by the Navy Yard and this tour is one of the ways that the public can see, first-hand, what we do behind our doors.

For more information on the seasonal photography tours and other tours of the Brooklyn Navy Yard please visit BLDG 92

Please stop by BLDG92’s blog page to read the post associated with these images!

1. Stereoscope of the USS Monitor out to sea, Brooklyn Navy Yard Archive

2. Monitor model in 92 Gallery, Brooklyn Navy Yard Archive

3. Officers aboard the Monitor in 1862, Naval History and Heritage Command

This year, from June 1 to June 16, BLDG 92 was honored to host a Sing For Hope Piano. Sing For Hope is a non-profit organization that seeks to make the arts accessible to all. Their popular pianos project, resurrected this year with generous support from Chobani, places 88 pianos in outdoor locations across New York City. These pianos encourage interaction between artists and communities and provide access to music for any and all who are interested to play themselves or sit and listen to impromptu concerts.   The Navy Yard community, home to many artists already, had a blast with our piano! Check out these images of people visiting the piano, which was hand-painted by local artist, Michael Miller.