Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92

About: BLDG 92 celebrates the Brooklyn Navy Yard's past, present and future and promotes the role the Yard plays as an engine for sustainable urban industrial growth and job creation.

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday: 12pm to 6pm. Visit our website for our holiday schedule, directions, information about events and our free weekend shuttle service.
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The men of the yard seemed very fearless working on fixing rooftops in street-wear. No protective garments at all were seen in this picture. The heart seemed as big as their ego. Not to mention the same work is  currently being done as we speak to BLDG 128.

Come visit our BLDG 92  free exhibition, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Past,Present and Future to learn more about our current tenants, who call the Brooklyn Navy Yard their home as well as cool history of the Premier Naval shipyard.

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Look at the guys wearing Hard hats, and Harness! there being very safe out there today.

Current situation

    On the morning of September 2 1945, more than two weeks after accepting the Allies terms, Japan formally surrendered on the USS Missouri, which ended World War II. The Missouri was ordered in 1940 and commissioned in June 1944. The “Mighty Mo” was the last battleship commissioned by the United States.

   Here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard our rich heritage in shipbuilding is a reflection of our past, and green technology continues to thrive on this 300- acre industrial site.

 Come check out our newly installed exhibit that explores the new phenomenon in manufacturing. Our free exhibit welcomes the world to makers and manufactures of the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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 The Brooklyn Navy Yard has always been a place where ship building practices advanced through out the years. Wood and Sail, Ironclad ships were mainly built here, and some where outfitted here when the navy yard was a ship yard.

   Now the home for more then 300 Businesses the yard has evolved into a place where construction, manufacturing,green sustainable production,and even fashion grows everyday. 

 Making it NYC and New Era of Manufacturing, explores this new idea of making it locally, here in Brooklyn, and at the yard. The newly installed exhibit highlights a few tenants that manufacture and produce from our 300- acre industrial site.

 Come check out our BLDG 92 exhibit and learn more about upcoming discussions and tours!

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Craftsmanship is a huge deal here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  During the 19th century, wooden shipbuilding required superior skills. American shipyard workers were mostly uneducated, but very savvy of the manual expertise it took to build these large water vessels. Essentially these Craftsmen carried two things to the work site, one was there years of experience and knowledge, and the other would have been their toolbox. These wooden tools crafted some of the very first ships built here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

 Come check out our free exhibit that reflects on these on shipbuilding methods that later transformed the Brooklyn Navy Yard into the industrial site that it is today!

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Admiral’s Row is a row of Second Empire style homes formerly used by naval officers in the New York City borough of Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and owned by the National Guard. Some of the homes date back to the Civil War.

Most of what still stands today are considered to be damaged beyond repair. The BNYDC mission is to eventually utilize the space and rehabilitate the more stable units that still stand, and demolish the more unrepairable.

Pieces of Admirals Row

The Brooklyn Navy Yard has always been the nations Premier naval ship yard. Outfitting,repairing,and commissioning ships all took place here when the Navy yard was a place for building ships. Over the years The Brooklyn Navy Yard is now home to a new Era Of Manufacturing, and where local green technology grows. The 300 -acre industrial site welcomes over 300 businesses that we celebrate as part of our Making It In NYC,  our newly installed exhibit highlighting the world of makers & manufacturers.

Our MAKERS MATTERS programs and events:

Thurs 9/11 | 6pm BLDG 92

Networked Manufacturing with Autodesk

Thurs 9/25 | 6pm | at Manufacture NY

Values of Local Fashion Production in NYC 

with “Overdressed” authour, Elizabeth L. Cline

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The Brooklyn Navy Yard at Dusk!

Highlights of the work that took place here at the yard decades ago. Still going hard as a place where hands craft, and technology grows the Brooklyn Navy Yard has inspired the Maker’s of today and the new Era of Manufacturing. 

Next on our Maker Matters conversations

Thurs. 9/11| 6pm| BLDG 92

Networked Manufacturing with Autodesk



 The Brooklyn Navy Yard was once was a place where we showed a tremendous amount of Pride and Patriotism.  This image from the June 30, 1944 issue of the Shipworker celebrates Independence Day with equal measures of patriotism and propaganda. 

 The Brooklyn Navy Yard was once was a place where we showed a tremendous amount of Pride and Patriotism.  This image from the June 30, 1944 issue of the Shipworker celebrates Independence Day with equal measures of patriotism and propaganda. 


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Making It In NYC 

The Era of New Manufacturing,highlights this great movement of makers of the yard. For decades many people used this yard as a manual hub, for building,crafting,and experimenting.Today the new makers of the yard  have embraced this 300 acre industrial site as their home, still staying true to the essence of the yard, BLDG 92 pays homage to workers that craft, build, and been making it in NYC for years.

Some come check out our wonderful exhibit  which explores these new makers!

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 There’s a lot of diversity here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Thousands of people called it there home back then, which was then resurrected into the industrial site that stands as a national landmark today. The life of manufacturing has been revolutionized creating new job placement, and a New “Era of Making”. Our gallery 92 Exhibit explores this fascinating phenomenon and highlights the many makers of the yard.

Come check out our cool exhibit and visit our website for upcoming events and programs!

We pay tremendous respect to our heritage here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  From the crafty men who built ships, to the innovator’s who launched ground breaking change in manufacturing,Here at BLDG 92, we tribute the success in our gallery 92 exhibit, Making It In NYC- The Era of New Manufacturing, to the efforts that turned these old practices of craftsmanship  into the revolutionized phenomenon it is today.

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Putting in that good Old Navy yard work

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Here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard we recognize the new era of manufacturing, “Making It In NYC “. This new generation of entrepreneurs is driving a revolution in design and production, collectively known as the Maker Movement.  For years people have been inspired to make things with their hands. Today manufacturing has taken on a new meaning, benefiting from and contributing to increased and diversified skill sets and creating new jobs and economic opportunities.

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Upcoming “Maker Matters” conversations with thought & industry leaders

Thursday 6/5| 6:30 BLDG 92

Production and manufacturing with Etsy

Tuesday 6/10 | 6:30 BLDG 92

Resilience & Energy Start- ups with NYU – Poly

Thursday 7/17| 6pm BLDG 92

Regional Sourcing for Goods  in Electronics with ITAC

We Been Making it here, Since!

Come check out our new Exhibit now open Free admission 


63 flushing abe Brooklyn Ny 11205

We’ve been “making it in NYC” at the yard for over 200 years. BLDG 92 is proud to present our newly installed exhibition Making It In NYC - The Era of New Manufacturing. There is an extraordinary history of manufacturing in the Yard and throughout the city. The exhibit explores the challenges and successes of “making it in NYC”. The exhibit was designed and fabricated by Yard tenant, SITU Fabrication. Featuring over 30 businesses across 5 industrial sectors: tech and media, furnishing and home goods, energy and resiliency, building and construction, and fashion and apparel. Come check out our third installation of Gallery 92, which pays tribute to the manufacturers of the Yard, and this growing  revolution in design and production.

In other historic news The Brooklyn  Navy yard is considered a national landmark!!!!

Flag painting!

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